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James Ewan Tait - 'Everything, Loads, All the Time, Forever'

Digital Album £4

Compact Disc £5

In a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring the omnipresent paisley pattern artwork across all four surfaces and the disc; discover the debut EP of weirdo crooner James Ewan Tait.

Released September 29, 2017 .

"This remarkable songwriter is producing some uniquely enjoyable music. His recent EP, Everything, loads, all the time, forever, is a rich journey condensed into four masterfully crafted songs."

-Pink Wafer

"The small touches (rattling piano in the distance), the poised vocals, the acoustic folk guitar riff that sounds as though it were played on a moor around a fire a hundred years ago. And in the end it all unravels into dissonance and Tait’s plaintive howl. A fantastic achievement"

-Prole Jazz

"Tait's unmistakable croon immediately brings to mind the late, great Jeff Buckley, and there is also a degree of musical similarity in his combination of sombre and meaningful tones with a relaxed and cheerful air shining through. Simple basslines and hints of soft organ back up Tait's deeply personal delivery and his vocal range is impressive, keeping his performance consistently interesting. Like all the best vocalists, Tait allows his voice to become strained and cracked with emotion as he reaches the highs and lows of expression.

'Portrait' provides the most dynamic variation, deploying trumpet, organ and backing vocals in soulful crescendos which show Tait's ability to elevate what could be very typical singer-songwriter style tracks. There are more than a few hints to another great, Johnny Cash, particularly on 'Peace in the Dark', a track where the vocals are given an even greater spotlight, owing to Tait stripping the track back to acoustic guitar and voice alone (and a track whose title cannot be coincidentally named after Sheffield's annual Peak District rave).

'Hippie Shakedown' is a ragged, rousing end with an unsettled undercurrent, complete with handclaps and staccato piano lines to get people moving, proving beyond doubt that Tait can master the whole spectrum of honest emotion."

- Now Then